Arkan 25, Barwa Commercial Avenue - PO 31377
Sat-Thu 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Arkan 25, Barwa Commercial Avenue - PO 31377
Sat-Thu 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Comfort Elevators
Your Perfect Partner to Rise High

Comfort Elevators & Escalators provides complete installation services for elevators, regardless of the type of building and number of stops.

Professional Elevator Installation Services

As the appointed dealer of Fuji – Japan elevators in Qatar, Comfort Elevators and Escalators provide a huge variety of elevators in terms of size, speed and design, that our customers can select based on requirements. 

Our team of well experienced consultants, engineers and technicians can assist you on planning and implementing the elevator of your desired size and shape. Our elevators are not limited to specific hoistway sizes, pit depths, speeds or capacities. Comfort Elevators and Escalators installs all sizes and types of passenger elevators in all types of buildings. Our installations include but are not limited to schools, factories, hospitals, hotels, high rises, warehouses and retail stores.

We provide customization option for all parts of our elevators, offering you a tailor-fitted solution:

  • Machine Type
  • Machine Speed
  • Elevator Capacoity
  • Car Type
  • Landing Door Style
  • COP Display Type
  • COP Button Type
  • Floor & Car Wall Type
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Elevator Design Qatar
Two Decades of Elevating Experience

Comfort Elevators and Escalators have around two decades of experience in implementing vertical transport systems for our various clients in residential and commercial verticals, ranging from members of royal family to governement institution. Our experience and expertise allows us to implement a smooth elevator experience for you.