Save Time and Money with Elevator Modernization / Remodel

You have a big investment in elevator equipment...and change is expensive. Before you decide that the only answer is a new elevator, call us. We will assess your existing equipment, and make feasible recommendations to update your equipment – which saves your money.


We Can Modernize Any Manufacturer's Equipment

By adding new technology to your existing equipment, our technicians can bring elevators into compliance with all applicable codes, increase elevator operational efficiency and performance, improve the appearance of your elevators, add passenger comfort and extend the life of your equipment to help you get more from your initial investment.

Know when it is time to think about Modernization
Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer “YES” to one or more of these questions…it is time to contact us

long time for an elevator or that they spend too much time in travel once they are in one?

Are your elevators experiencing frequent downtimes? Are your elevators not functioning when and the way you need them to?

Is your current system over fifteen years old?

Do you feel your current system may be consuming too much energy?

Are you receiving complaints that your elevators are noisy or that the ride is less than smooth?

Are your elevators too warm or “stuffy”?

Do your elevators look out-of-date or out-of place with the rest of the building?

Is your elevator showing the wear and tear of years of service?

Do you have concerns that your elevators may not be in compliance with current codes and regulations?

Do your elevator doors close on passengers as they enter or exit the elevator or does the elevator stop level with the floor at stops?



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